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Michael Gunter countgunthar at
Tue Mar 20 09:15:13 PST 2001

>Things I think we need to work on are the archers
>working closer in and in groups of 2 or 3 at least. The groups with not as 
>much experience need to
>have their fire directed so that it is effective
>by someone who knows who
>being killed would be more effective.  A good example would be....killing 
>some of the hats first as apposed to getting
>a shot on a shieldman in the line (unless he has a hat
>or belt).  Some of the Dukes and the like are
>tremendous combat multipliers by themselves.

This is something I was working with the archers when I
was Prince. Basically having the archers moving as units
to the flanks of lines and much closer than standing
in back of the army hoping a blind shot will land. If
any of you were at Three Kings that year you remember
how effective that was. I had hoped to be archer commander
or coordinator would be a better word at last year's
Gulf War but His Majesty determined that since I wasn't
an authorized combat archer I wouldn't know how to lead

Having archers used tactically instead of strategically
is the best use. You see this more on bridge battle
situations but can easily be incorporated into fort
or even open melee. With training in combat tactics and
not to panic a small archer unit can cause devistation
to a unit even when charged.

I usually suggest they take out spears first. For two
reasons. Spears usually cause the majority of damage
to the other side and they are fairly unprotected when
archers get a clear shot.

Other archers (those not run down by dedicated cavalry)
and commanders/belts/hats second. Then targets of
opportunity. Especially if they can target an unprotected

In fortification situations I suggest that archers work
in groups. If an enemy archer pops up there should be
at least three arrows headed his direction. With two more
in reserve in case he tries to time the volley. I'm also
for putting a couple of archers in the gate. A few well
placed arrows dissuades spearmen from coming out to pound
on the shieldwall.

Just some more thoughts.


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