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> On the ballista issue, I never heard of any complaints about the power of 
>  ballistas only complaints about the power of some crossbows bolts.  From 
> what
>  Master Pug has explained to me there seems to be some consensus being 
> reached
>  as to how to properly measure crossbow poundage/force to avoid excessive 
> force
>  crossbows in the future.


I saw one fighter showing his site token to people.  It had a nice deep 
indentation on it from a crossbow bolt.  There were also a couple of guys 
showing off massive black bruises, again from crossbow bolts.

I can't help but wonder if the upping of the power on crossbows has anything 
to do with folks blowing archers off?  I know from comical experience that 
many fighters will simply ignore an arrow.  This is one reason I have had a 
sword and shieldman with me.  If someone doesn't want to call my arrow, they 
meet Owen!  It has also prompted me to practice the dreaded "cup" shot.  I'm 
nice about it, but if I shoot someone and they look at me and go on...well, 
you know :-)

*I'm not saying that upping the force is right, just wondering*

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