: ANST - War and changes

GuyLestran at aol.com GuyLestran at aol.com
Tue Mar 20 11:36:01 PST 2001

I agree with Gid on this one.  Usually the guys who are making the difference 
on the charges are the Big Dukes and the battle commanders.  In the many 
armies they lead from the front, usually to lead the charge and spearhead the 
break through.  Taking out these guys who are usually near the front takes a 
lot of the punch out of  their forces.  Plus it's easier them to call an 
arrow shot in the chest or grill then if they're busting through a line and 
getting hit, and then moving into our backfield.  A prime example of this 
would be Duke Logan.  He took up a good two or three minutes playing the 
rules once he was in the Castle to gain time, and acually told the marchals 
to make sure they kept an eye on him. That could have perhaps been the 
difference between a win or a loss on that one.  If these guys are killed 
early on, the line troops don't have anyone to tell them what to do, or a 
commander of lesser skill has to jump in and do the job.  It makes everyone's 
job easier and actually effects the outcome of the battle when those guys are 
killed first.  Usually also, they are the ones with the plan, many times the 
whole plane or scheme of maneuver is not relayed down to the common shieldman 
on the line.

This could be done in a lot of ways.  Pictures could be handed out of their 
heraldry or even what they look like in armor.  The guys who frequent the 
other wars and kingdoms, or have been playing awhile and know who's who could 
put their heads together and decide who the key players are and decide who 
needs to be taken out first.  

Actually a solution could be reached that could make everyone happy.  Detail 
small groups of archers to take out other archers and ballista crews and then 
other groups of archers detailed to take out the leaders. 
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