ANST - ansteorra V2 #456 (a correction)

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at
Thu Mar 22 12:07:49 PST 2001

Here are Gwenneth's comments about what I wrote.  I made a mistake, but she 
is correcting me.  Sorry, I am not an engineer, she is.  Hope this makes 
more sense.


> > >Ok, the design is actually a good one.  The idea should make the bolts 
> > >longer and not get torn up as fast.  Not sure about the bouce back.
> > >Gwenneth said that it may be because more force is transferring to the
> > >target (hitting harder) therefore less bounce...
>No, no, no.  More force means _more_ bounceback, unless the
>momentum is simply transferred _faster_ (force is not transferred,
>force is created by momentum transfer).  More energy transfer
>(or dissipation) means less bounceback.
> > >or it might be just that it
> > >is disapating more energy in the bolt itself.
>Or energy dissipation in the target (like smashing plywood).
> > >The only real way to test
> > >it?
> > >  Get some "volunteer" *grin*, have them stand at a proper
> > >range
> > >and shoot at them.  Get a report of how hard the different types of 
> > >hit.
> > >
> > >One problem with the design, though.  The way the foam works is that it
> > >compresses (ie. pushed air out of the way).  With the tool dip, there 
> > >nowhere for the air to go.  You might want to think about pushing a few 
> > >holes into the head, giving the air a path out.  Does that make sense?

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