ANST - War and changes

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Tue Mar 20 12:30:03 PST 2001

I can truthfully say that the bolts built by me in Bryn Gwlad each had 3
holes drilled into the tennis ball. This was done the week prior to Gulf War

Ld. Duncan MacConacher
Bryn Gwlad

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I examined over two dozen ballista bolts and did not see any of them with a 
punched tennis ball.  If fact until now I was not aware that it was a 
requirement.  I did notice that a number of the trimaran ballista's could 
shoot farther with a flatter trajectory that any ballistas we had.  When we 
opened the castle gates early in the battle we needed at least one or two 
ballista's that could have shot through the open door and hit their shield 

Sir Burke

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