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> I examined over two dozen ballista bolts and did not see any of them with a
> punched tennis ball.  If fact until now I was not aware that it was a
> requirement.  I did notice that a number of the trimaran ballista's could
> shoot farther with a flatter trajectory that any ballistas we had.  When we
> opened the castle gates early in the battle we needed at least one or two
> ballista's that could have shot through the open door and hit their shield
> wall.
> Sir Burke

As one of the crew that was directly lined up in front of the gate- we tried.
They were lined up deep enough inside that we couldn't hit them with a direct
shot through the gate.  Our ballista (about maxed on the allowable distance
rule) wasn't strong enough to deliver a bolt in a flat enough trajectory to
actually reach them-  arching it in such a way to miss the top of the gate
corridor, only resulted in the bolt landing in front of the Trimarans.  We did
try to just lob them just over the whole gate structure into that bunch, which
worked for a while, and added in the fun result of getting to watch the marshals
on the catwalk scurry around to avoid being hit.  ;)  ).   Moving in closer
would have put us in a huge thicket of newly-landed ballista bolts (a bad place
to be, IMHO) from their side and within arrow fire (Master Cynric and Valharic
did a great job at blocking incoming arrows).  Sir Wilhelm, who was legged,
ended up directing our shots and helped quite a lot.  He also coordinated our
fire with that of another nearby crew;  sending two shots DID seem to make
things more effective.  We had a lot of fun just lobbing bolts shallowly over
the left-side of the castle.   Together, the two BJ ballistas hurled about
225-230 bolts of our own in that battle, plus another 40ish bolts kindly
provided by Elfsea.  Whhoooowoo!  That was fun....

Dona Isobel

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