ANST-Announce - Northern Regionial Warlord

Eric Jackson owenapaeddan at
Tue Mar 20 21:30:29 PST 2001

Greetings unto the greatest Kingdom in the known World,

     As we return to our homes from the most glorious tie at Gulf Wars, I 
beg that you do not let your guard down be ever vigilant! As our enemies are 
ever present and great are our borders.  The call goes out that a new 
Northern Regionial Warlord is needed as well as the represenatives of all 
the fine things that our Kingdom does. Those wishing to become Champions and 
the Warlord will meet the weekend of April 13-15 at Camp Rock Creek.
    The call goes out for Chivalric five man teams to meet upon the 
field,for Artisan to sharpen there displays, for the Bards to hone their 
skills and the swift blades of the Rapier to come forth and do battle with 
the current champion. It is time to lead the Northern Region of Ansteorra to 
    Please good citizens come forth and support your Region and Kingdom we 
will need as always volunteers and if you have already sign up or want to 
see what is needed please check here

    For contact information please check out

                                    The Event Stewards
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