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A quick suggestion for anyone planning on building (or modifying) a ballista
for next years war, at least play with the idea of building your machines on
a bigger scale. I say this for several reasons, primarily performance- the
longer the throw the more power you can impart on the projectile without
"folding" the ammo. God Bless Tomonaga for his bungeelista plans, but a
fifty percent larger machine is at leat fifty percent more efficient. We
probably had only one or two machines capable of firing the maximum 100yds,
and we really need more. My second reason is scale, bigger machines LOOK
better and more period, even when powered with surgical tubing. There has
been much grumbling about banning bungeelistas, most of it due to the
proliferation of small, lightweight machines. If we want to keep these safe,
easily maintained weapons I think we really need to raise the bar.
I mean no slight to anyone who built or crewed a weapon this year, you were
invaluable, each and every one. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
-Feldwebel Erasmus
WR Seige Marshall

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> I examined over two dozen ballista bolts and did not see any of them with
> punched tennis ball.  If fact until now I was not aware that it was a
> requirement.  I did notice that a number of the trimaran ballista's could
> shoot farther with a flatter trajectory that any ballistas we had.  When
> opened the castle gates early in the battle we needed at least one or two
> ballista's that could have shot through the open door and hit their shield
> wall.
> Sir Burke

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