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Brian and Pam Martin twinoak at
Thu Mar 22 07:45:51 PST 2001

Greetings All,

The one thing that became apparent that we were missing at the recent
Gulf War was the war song that the kingdom chose as its anthem last
summer. The song was written by Don Alden and was received with a
rousing cheer by the populace. But it was not, to my knowledge, widely
distributed to the kingdom and therefore to the Ansteorran army.

It is my fervent hope that the Ansteorran host will march onto the
battlefield next March with this rousing song in its heart and on its
lips. Does anyone out there have the lyrics to this anthem? If so, can
you please publish it to this list? If I can get the lyrics, I will send
them to the kingdom Chronicler for publication in the Black Star as well
as my barony's newsletter. If we begin learning this song now and
singing it around camp fires at events, we will know it well come Gulf
War XI.

Alaric and Kayliegh did a good thing in commissioning this song during
their reign, let's not let a good idea perish for lack of follow

Many thanks,
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