ANST - Bolts and Arrows

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Thu Mar 22 22:24:41 PST 2001

If you have more money than time, and are shooting freinds with lots of
armor, use baldar blunts, about two bucks a pop-depending on quantity. If
you have more time than money and are shooting at freinds with Ansteorra
minimum armor, build marklands. I would be happy to go out and show you how.
Please email me privately if you have any questions.

-Feldwebel Erasmus

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> I have been told that i am an idiot by a friend of
> mine when i said i was trying to find out how to make
> arrow heads for combat. He promptly informed me there
> is someone who sells them to where they screw into the
> arrow shaft. If anyone knows who it is and how much
> lemme know please we ( a group of 4 people) are trying
> to get ready for Archery combat for out little Canton.
> Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans
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