[Ansteorra] Three Kings A & S

Orric and Fridr orric-fridr at prodigy.net
Sun Nov 4 22:16:35 PST 2001

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Greetings to all ARTISANS in our fair Kingdom!  Come to ROSENFELD this weekend for the battle of THREE KINGS.   Bring your best and most beautiful!  Vie for the favor of populace and pope alike!

Three Kings VII Arts & Sciences Competition for this year will be determined by popular vote.  Populace will receive three beads each for voting on their favorites.  The war point will be granted to the Pope whose entrants gather the most beads.
  a.. Entries will be anonymous.
  b.. Documentation is not required and any documentation provided should be done without reference to the artisan.
  c.. You may enter more than one item.  However, one entry per medium please and no more than three per artisan.
  d.. Participants must indicate their choice of pope when they sign in.  Entrants with multiple entries will not be required to choose the same pope for each entry.


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