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Aye, 'twas tongue in cheek humor. Forgotten for a moment that people can't see me as I type. I just assume (I know, bad of me) that everyone knows me well enough to realize when I'm joking around. Having spent time with Galiwyn and Meryn and Susan, I can honestly say, that everyone is helpful, and willing to give time and energy to those who are willing to listen. If you don't know and want to, ask! If someone doesn't know the answer they can(and do) point you in the right direction. From the point of view of a newcomer myself, everyone is very patient and willing to teach. Lots of things vary the speed at which we can get "period" gear. It's the state of mind that is the important thing. Everything else will come in it's own time. One of the nice things about the SCA is that the lords know how to treat the ladies! Real life could learn a lesson from the SCA!

In short, I meant no offense, and wish all newcomers have as MUCH fun as I!

Living the Dream,

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>This coming from the man w/ the port-a-castle that is equipped w/ any and
>all modern conveniences, LOL! I actually got to see it this weekend.....wow!
>Hans, Period manners are always used.An attempt at
>period clothing is always welcome.and if you can
>afford a tent that appears period that is ok also.
>i have seen a few enampments in my short term in the
>SCA. tents range from earth pimples(small dome tents)
>to large period paviilions , to the occasional RV.

As I am in close conjunction to both of these two, remember Amanda to be
kind to the spirit of the welcome dragon. (and I thought you were a friend
of dragons, so this must have just been friendly banter)  As for period
manners, Galiwyn's are a joy to be around.  He is a true hospitaller as is
Meryn, as they go the extra mile to bring and give others from what they
have and having the office just gives them more resources to do what it is
that they do.

How period to be? Where you are comfortable.  This is a very individual
thing and the joy is being where each person finds why they were called to
this and can enjoy those around them doing the same.  For if we were a
reinactment group or a LARP it would be far different, we are a society
because we have a broad range of diversity, creativity and definatly out of
time combinations going on and it is good, well worth dreaming about.

Looking forward to Margrave, hope it is as magic as the demo was,

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

on the note of dragons, has anyone seen the Karoke cut at the end of the
Shrek DVD?
happiness is finding the one who just loves you because

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