[Ansteorra] To Arms in just cause!

Bob Kelley bkelley at accd.edu
Wed Nov 7 14:04:44 PST 2001

On this seventh day of November,
    I, Brother Ambrosius, papal clerk to his holiness, Pope Benedict XIII, send these greetings to the brave warriors and good people of Ansteorra...

    As the papal scribe to Benedict XIII, the duly appointed Pope and true defender of the Church, I am bid by his eminence to send these words to each of you.  As a friend to all who share his homeland and beloved kingdom, Pope Benedict conveys this
call to arms to all good people who believe in and support his rightful claim to the papacy.  Soon an opportunity awaits you at Three Kings to join his army and repudiate the false challenges of those who would usurp his rightful and divine office.

    Duly elected in Avignon by the assembly of French cardinals following the death of his predecessor Clement VII, Pope Benedict XIII will march with you to defeat these false claimants.
    His holiness conveys that all who join his forces will be amply rewarded in coin of silver.  Those marching under his banner who are of ducal rank will each receive ten (10) silver pieces.  Eight  pieces silver for those of county estate who support
this divine cause. Knights with horse and lance, 5 silver pieces each, with 3 coin apiece for their squires.  Every man at arms, siege engineer or archer joining Pope Benedict army receive a month's wage of 2 coin silver.  Likewise, all artisans and
bards who create works of art to glorify his cause will be awarded with coinage befitting their station.

    Camp followers will receive absolution of all but the deadliest of sins.

    Brave warriors and good folk, I am grateful to Pope Benedict XIII in bringing you this missive.  Join those who march in just and rightful cause. You may voice your intent to assemble under his  banner directly to me, or proclaim you allegiance to
his holiness upon the field of Three Kings.

Brother Ambrosius,
Papal cleric to Pope Benedict XIII

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