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Tue Nov 20 09:45:19 PST 2001

Hans Kemper in a Temper (no relation to either Hanse Tailor nor Dieterich
Kempenich) penned a good many things.  To wit:


a. almost exclusively, a knight in the time period
which the SCA recreates, had to own a horse

[Cut for brevity]

 - that would make the title truly period
and special. And since horses GENERALLY have to be
registered - it would be easy for those in charge to
confer and continue knighthood on those who have an


Hans, my lad, I hate to break this to you, but better you hear it from me
now than somebody tells you after you get your second peerage... and you may
want to sit down for this.  The SCA is a social club for people who are both
medieval enthusiasts and avid lovers of the Victorian conceptions of
chivalry.  We play make-believe.  We're not *really* knights or dukes or
princesses or kings.  I hate to burst the bubble this early in your
self-proclaimed newcomer stage, but it's true.  The whole "period" thing is
just a mechanism to make it all more believable; enabling our suspension of

And since we play make-believe together it's a lot of fun.  I make believe I
live in the confines of the lands of my local Baron (despot that he is) Sir
Pendaron Glamorgan.  We both make believe that our friend Keith is a Duke
(because he won a couple of really big tournaments) and that his Duchy
borders the make-believe barony (which is really just plain old Travis

And if everybody who plays in the sca agrees to play make-believe with us,
it's really fun.

Kein used to say, "It's not really that I won crown and got to be king
that's the cool part... it's that 5,000 other people all agree to play along
that makes it special."

So it's no big stretch that most of our knights make-believe we have horses
that we probably couldn't really afford in time or expense.  Pendarens has
Clovis and I have Ajax.  We even all pretend that Sir Corwin has a small
deaf pony, blind in one eye, with a peg-leg, named Spot.

On to your next point:


b. Also, Many have witnessed some enter the crown
tournaments who do not have the financial means or
time , etc. to fulfill the obligations required and
yet they are allowed to participate by giving their
word that they do. Some of these participants AND
OTHERS have even used their influence to get
themselves and their friends recognition (awards)
which have not been earned. Where is the HONOR AND
NOBILITY in this? And why is there not a means to both
stop and rectify these situations when they arise?

*end snippage*

Win crown.  Exclude entrants.  Give the awards you see fit.  Get on the BoD.
Change the system.  You go, boy.

Sir Dieterich

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