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Maidenhair... I hate to disagree with ya.. but Robbers Cave allows horses
and even has a huge horse camp site that can be had like the one  we had for
margrave.. :) and according to the Rangers,, there is a place at the
Equestrian (spelling) aka Horse camp that is set up like a jousting field.

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> what may or may not make a knight.  They are elected by their peers.  some
> take as long as 10 years to become a knight!  also not all shires,
> etc have access to facilities that will allow horses.   Here in oklahoma,
> the campsites we have access to do not allow for that.  also some places
> universities, or church grounds and again pets of any size are usually
> restrictied.
> so......we practice our anachronism and modify our reguirements for a
> knight.  There are some that want that full period flavor

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