[Ansteorra] newcomer thanks

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 20 10:40:02 PST 2001

Personally, I find the following statements rather appallingly rude:

"b. Also, Many have witnessed some enter the crown
tournaments who do not have the financial means or
time , etc. to fulfill the obligations required and
yet they are allowed to participate by giving their
word that they do. Some of these participants AND
OTHERS have even used their influence to get
themselves and their friends recognition (awards)
which have not been earned. Where is the HONOR AND
NOBILITY in this? And why is there not a means to both
stop and rectify these situations when they arise."

Dear writer:

The Society is based upon Honor and Chivalry.  If a combatant and their
consort enter Crown List and swore the required Oath then their word is good
enough for me.  Honor and Respect are earned, not achieved in an electronic
venue, but earned through interaction with the community that is Ansteorra,
earned with deeds of kindness, acts of prowess and chivalry, as well as
service to others.

It would be far more honorable of you to take this opinion directly and face
to face with those you have issue with, not inflame readers on a list where
they cannot meet you and look into your eyes.

As for awards, I can state plainly to you, as one of the people involved in
granting recognition to others.  In this Kingdom we have more than 2
thousand players, and it is the greatest joy that I have as Queen to be able
to recognize the few that We do.  This recognition comes not only through
Our own notice, but that of Our Landed Nobles and Our Populace, who care
enough and take the time to write out letters of introduction and
recommendation to bring them to Our attention, as they have done for all of
those Crowns who have come before Us, and will come after.

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