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There are many things you learn as a new member that are of benefit to all.
Some join the SCA for the experience and re-enactment.  Some for other
reasons.  I would ask, what brought you into this group and what do you hope
to achieve or gain with in its ranks?

Society for Creative Anachronism.  We don't play according to the way it
actually was.  That would take the fun out of it and only those with the
funds and backing would ever be anything.  That also would be cruel.  I
don't care to play with snobs.  we take the best parts of those times and
use that as a guide line.  Costuming, honor, respect and equality among
classes.  Self reliance is another aspect that we need more of today.

a.  as for the knights.  It was not mandatory to have a horse.  there were
many things taken in to consideration for this position in rank.  this of
course depended on culture and geography as well as the time period.  In
todays modern middle ages, it is the fighting, and chivalry shown that is
what may or may not make a knight.  They are elected by their peers.  some
take as long as 10 years to become a knight!  also not all shires, baronies
etc have access to facilities that will allow horses.   Here in oklahoma,
the campsites we have access to do not allow for that.  also some places use
universities, or church grounds and again pets of any size are usually
so......we practice our anachronism and modify our reguirements for a
knight.  There are some that want that full period flavor and there are
other oganizations (expensive ones) that can offer it.
we also have varied ways of becoming a master or mistress of arms.  The
white scarf or belt is the highest honor a heavy fighter can get, based on
skill.  I would hate to think he could not have what he has gotten bruised
up for, because of the lack of a real horse.   Regardless, I think it is
really horrible to say that as it stands this is not a true and special
honor for them.
>  - that would make the title truly period and special.
> b. Also, Many have witnessed some enter the crown
> tournaments who do not have the financial means or
> time , etc. to fulfill the obligations required and
> yet they are allowed to participate by giving their
> word that they do.
	this is hearsay.  you and the others can not possibly know whether
one can or can not have the financial means.  this is slanderous!  No we
aren't going to start asking for everyone that compets to provide a
financial statement either.

	who are you or anybody else for that matter to say whether a person
has or has not earned an award?!  Again that is just being slanderous.  and
it will get you kicked out as a trouble maker really fast.   would you want
someone to say you earn your AoA or thistle or whatever, because they did
not like you or thought you needed to work a little harder and longer?  of
course not.  many don't go to an event every weekend and therefore there is
lots of things ppl are doing that go unrecognized.
	Most ppl never even know they have been nominated for an award let
alone who sent in the request.  I have seen ppl go  without an award for
service, because one person because  didn't like them.  there are several
channels an award goes through before being given and even then what is
recommended may not be what the crown thinks is approppiate and could be
changed to a lesser or higher award.
	Everyone is some way uses their influence for the best or worst at
someone elses expense.  it would appear that you are being influenced by
those you chose to socialize with.  Get away from them and get to know ppl
for your self.  You may be surprised how far off the beaten track your
associates are.

	I am sorry, but I find the entire tone of your email insulting.  If
you find us to be such a corruptable organization then why are you here?


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