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Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 20 11:05:38 PST 2001

>From: hans kemper <heidel12001 at yahoo.com>
>I truly appreciate all who took the time to respond to
>my question about how "period to be"...

I'm sorry to see that most people who have so far decided to respond to your
questions have chosen to do so by misreading your questions and attacking
you.  I feel like I should toss in some gratuitous ironic insults here about
people insulting others, and honor and so on, but why bother? -- the people
who'd get the point already have, and those who wouldn't would just feel
insulted and keep flinging flames around.

Essentially you seemed to be asking why doesn't the SCA do things more
accurately -- is that right?  There are a lot of things that people can toss
in here as reasons, but it basically boils down to the fact that the SCA is
not a historical re-enactment group.  It's never been intended to be, and
there are far too many people who don't want it to be (for whatever reason).
  That's the reality.  As to the questions of -should it be- or -could it
be-?  I have no answer for those.

In my case, I'm a big believer in accuracy.  I find that immensely fun and
fulfilling.  So, for me, what I want and what I'm going to get out of the
SCA are utterly different.  That can be a really frustrating position to be
in, so I have learned to pick those things that I want for me, work on
those, and not really worry about the way things are being done elsewhere,
or if they are being done in a historically accurate fashion.  Bluntly, I
couldn't care less how other people do it.  I used to, but fighting the good
fight gets old after a while,
and continually being burned just raises scars.

I just wanted you to know that when you get tired of this particular fight,
you aren't the only one out there.  Most of us are just trying to do our own
stuff as best as we can, and help those who want to do that too.

Marc Carlson/Diarmaid O'Dhuinn

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