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.... almost exclusively, a knight in the time period which the SCA
recreates, had to own a horse and had to be able to field that horse
- - it was one of the primary distinguishing characteristics of being a
knight - Should this not be the case in a organization with so many
people placing such an emphasis on being period. Should not
knighthood be conferred only on those who have the finances and the
other means to OWN and field a horse? That way the title of knight
(which is supposedly a highly respected title in the SCA) would
remain truly special. The rest could be given the rank of master of
arms - which is what they would be if they earn the title.

go for the "current middle ages" solution ... horses being toitally
impractical for urban based moderns (the core of the SCA), buy and
maintain the modern equivalent - ie: get a harley (g)

then you have the option of going scadian/realworld "western knight"
or generaic "horse barbarian" (++g)

by the by, "master of arms" has quite a different meaning in the SCA
as it's a equivalent title to "knight" for the "non-feality" factions

... the parentals have raised horse all my life, though the are down
to only 30 head at present

I realize that many could not afford a horse and have
the means, land, etc. to properly take care of it -
but as I said - that would make the title truly period
and special. And since horses GENERALLY have to be
registered - it would be easy for those in charge to
confer and continue knighthood on those who have an
b. Also, Many have witnessed some enter the crown
tournaments who do not have the financial means or
time , etc. to fulfill the obligations required and
yet they are allowed to participate by giving their
word that they do. Some of these participants AND
OTHERS have even used their influence to get
themselves and their friends recognition (awards)
which have not been earned. Where is the HONOR AND
NOBILITY in this? And why is there not a means to both
stop and rectify these situations when they arise?

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