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<<   I have had it proven to me more times than I can
 count, that this is not part of the prevailing definition of "honor" in the
 Society.   >>

The reality of medieval honor differs greatly from the concept of honor
within our society.  In reality, the honor in the SCA is based upon a
Victorian concept that was irrelevant and irrational in it's day, and
probably even more so today.  Real medieval honor is probably more closely
attuned to the system of rules and justice found within the Taliban in
Afghanistan today.  Male domination, women in their place, religious
fanaticism, eye for an eye.  Personally I prefer the Victorian concept over
the alternative, but for those who are purist on authenticity within the SCA,
lets at least get it right. Nasty honor is authentic, Victorian honor is not.

Just the rambling of the old man
Baron Bors

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