[Ansteorra] Knights and HoRses

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 06:48:19 PST 2001

Her Majesty has an enduring sense of humor ;)

My concern was for the wonderful people We have had the honor of recognizing
for even one moment feeling any doubt or hurt because of said original post.

And also, because I am very proud to be a member of the lineage of Royalty
of Ansteorra, and have found that all of my predecessors that I have had the
honor to meet and get to know to be men and women of great honor.  For any
rumors to be said about any who have taken the field of Ansteorra and won
the Crown for less than noble reasons was not kind.

But, like I said, I have an enduring sense of humor ;)


the novella continues as:

>P.S.  In period, New Guy....We would Have to Destroy you with MUCH violence
>for displeasing our QUEEN. Acctually we would probably have done it just
>fun anyway. :}

? Queen? displeased? What? Don't remember seeing that?
Don Pieter"

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