[Ansteorra] eating horses and cats, oh my

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Wed Nov 21 14:18:01 PST 2001

There is a young man who goes by the name of Baulsac that eats grasshoppers.
Are they pesticide free.  :)

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> "Mark.S Harris" wrote:
> > Nope, I wouldn't eat my cats, either. Actually, I believe all of the
> > recipes for horse that I highlight in the file below are actually
> > from southwest Asia and not Europe. I believe the emphasis on
> > knighthood and the horse, precluded them from regularly using
> > horseflesh. However, if anyone does have recipes or other evidence
> > for horse being eaten in Europe in the Middle Ages, I'd like to get it.
> >
> > In times of famine, all the rules disappear, including those on
> > cannibalism, expecially when it involved the bodies of the "enemy".
> > See the accounts of the Crusades for evidence on this. (Maybe I
> > should finish the file for the Florilegium on canabalism).
> Geez, all this talk about eating cats and horses.  Those are the only
> animals I have on my ranch besides grasshoppers in summer.
> Damaris
> (at home nursing a damn cold and therefore not riding, or brewing, or
> blacksmithing :( )
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