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>Some of these participants AND
>OTHERS have even used their influence to get
>themselves and their friends recognition (awards)
>which have not been earned.

We all use our influence to get our friends and those others we feel worthy awards...by putting in recommendations. Whether something is earned or not is subjective. There have been award recommendations (before and after achieving the level  I have) I have sent in that did not come to pass, and I really thought that the person was worthy (and those who know me know my standards tend to be a little too high at times) and there are those that have been awarded to persons I knew well that did not do the work named by the presenting authority.

 We all have different criteria. Some people's level of criteria is from the level of "I like this person, so they deserve an award", to "they sent in a recommendation for me so I'll send one in for them", to " this person has done -  y , z and q above and beyond x level of service; I really should have noticed this before; please Crown give this award; this gentle really deserves it."

Remember also that each Crown has a different set of criteria and usually gets only a few sparsely worded (with few facts) recommendations for most awards that they have to make a decision on.  They really want to be able to serve the populace well, but, I imagine it is really tough to keep it all straight for each of the 3 plus events worth of awards that they have to decide on every week.

>Where is the HONOR AND NOBILITY in this?

Honestly, even when there are awards given that I disagree with, I believe that the Crown has the best interest of Ansteorra in it's thoughts (though at times they may be misguided, misinformed or even downright lied to).

Sometimes members of the populace do not have being honourable or noble in mind when sending in recommendations...I remember several award petitions that  people drew up for persons that were very  unworthy...and as an officer in the group I was expected to sign them (not in my current group)...and was looked down upon when I didn't sign them.  I hate this kind of stuff and if I was a weaker person I would have been undully compelled to sign. I really HATE that kind of emotional blackmail. Where is the honour in forcing people to sign something they don't agree with through  peer pressure?

> And why is there not a means to both
>stop and rectify these situations when they arise?

You will never know what information the Crown acted upon that made them decide to give an award, and seldom is there an opportunity to attempt to delay or stop an award.  You can only give deference to the award a person holds, you do not have to respect them personally, and you can hope the person will grow into the award.

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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