[Ansteorra] edible meats?

Aceia aceia at mac.com
Fri Nov 23 08:49:52 PST 2001

I personally really liked the Alligator I tried and yes, it tastes like a
cross between chicken and fish.  quite yummy and tender... Ate it at
Papadoux Restaurant here in Austin.  Served in fried bits.

I am also very fond of Japanese Grilled Eel.  The kind used for Sushi.
Yummy.  I love sushi and am lucky enough to have a husband who can make it!

Shark Fin soup was also very good, but I won't eat it now since the shark
the fin comes from is endangered.

Tried Shark steak once, and it was ok, but not very interesting... rather

Strange stuff I did not like - Cow Tongue (weird texture), Sea Urchin, Sea
sponge.  Not for me.  Also don't like Soft Shell Crab, although many people
do like it.  I just cant get over the crunchy carapace... don't think I
would like insects for the same reason.

I understand some scorpions are edible.

I also wonder that people did not eat Fox in England... apparently they were
all over and considered vermin...

Robin Anderson of Ross

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