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* ... It seems like it was Count Gunthar who mentioned carp among the
fish category. That would also include gar, although one way I heard
of cleaning it involved using tin shears/snips, and if I recall  what
I have read correctly, absolutely avoid eating the roe of the gar due
to poisonous nature.

in past we have taken smaller gar with xbow, high test line, & fish
bolt (expect a good fight) .. note: considered a "trash" fish, no
season, no equipment restrictions last i checked .... where the
pedernales empties into lake travis (they hang out there and feed on
what gets washed into the lake. most active dusk & dawn) ...
generally would gut and remove head & tail and place on the smoker
the slow cooking drives out a lot of the oils and you end up with a
fair equivalent to smoked sturgeon (yum!)

for bigger gar, try a shark hook, light chain, salt pork bait and
spears to finish them off when you get them ashore (from my old
dallas days running in the trinity river bottoms ... these days, i do
nor recommend eating anything you pull out of there though)


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