[Ansteorra] Re: eating horses and cats, oh my

Mark.S Harris mark.s.harris at motorola.com
Mon Nov 26 08:26:17 PST 2001

Gunthar replied to Colete with:
> >    Well, what other meats were period to eat?
> It depends on what time and place. Pork was probably the
> most popular meat in Middle Ages Europe. But practically
> everything was eaten. Horseflesh was and is still prized
> in France.

The only referances/recipes to horsemeat during the Middle Ages
are outside of Europe. Yes, I know that horsemeat is eaten in
France now, but can you give me some referances to it being
eaten in France in the Middle Ages?

> >Anything unusual from the sea?

> Whale, dolphin, cod, haddock, trout, seal, eels, shellfish,
> lobster, crabs, bream, plaice, squid, octopus, seaweeds of
> various types.

Again, referances to eating seaweeds, please. I think the only
referances I have for this are Iceland and maybe Ireland.

  Stefan li Rous
  stefan at texas.net

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