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Ok I've got a story about GARS.  When I was a child, before I even had a
clue what the SCA was, my family had gone camping and fishing at Belton Lake
on Mother's Day weekend.  Place was crowd with weekend swimmers and their
families.  My mother couldn't keep a line out without some swimmer getting
catch in her lines.  During the early afternoon, my mom got a good pull and
started the fight to bring in the lucky fish for dinner.  Had to have help
from my dad to finish getting it in.  When they got it ashore they
discovered it was a gar.  No good for dinner.  Just to kill the fish, my dad
had to use a 2x2 board on it for 10 minutes before it quit living.  Tough
bugger.  As that one was dealt with another hit on the fishing lines.  They
pulled second gar in under an hour.  His life was shorten too.  Took just as
long to die too.  People came to see what the noise was about and they were
told that gars only come in when there is blood and action go on just like
sharks.  People packed real quick and had a little more peace and quiet for
fishing and I could swim a little more comfortable, at least I knew where my
mother's fishing lines were at.  Gars are what you can compare to sharks,
just mini and nasty.  They can live in some of the worst of places, like
oxygen choke water.  They can surface and breath normal air.  Bodies are
long and thin and mouth is nothing but teeth and teeth and teeth.  I'll pass
on the gars for dinner, thank you.
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> * ... It seems like it was Count Gunthar who mentioned carp among the
> fish category. That would also include gar, although one way I heard
> of cleaning it involved using tin shears/snips, and if I recall  what
> I have read correctly, absolutely avoid eating the roe of the gar due
> to poisonous nature.
> in past we have taken smaller gar with xbow, high test line, & fish
> bolt (expect a good fight) .. note: considered a "trash" fish, no
> season, no equipment restrictions last i checked .... where the
> pedernales empties into lake travis (they hang out there and feed on
> what gets washed into the lake. most active dusk & dawn) ...
> generally would gut and remove head & tail and place on the smoker
> the slow cooking drives out a lot of the oils and you end up with a
> fair equivalent to smoked sturgeon (yum!)
> for bigger gar, try a shark hook, light chain, salt pork bait and
> spears to finish them off when you get them ashore (from my old
> dallas days running in the trinity river bottoms ... these days, i do
> nor recommend eating anything you pull out of there though)
> 'wolf
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