[Ansteorra] When did this change????

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Wed Aug 7 22:03:58 PDT 2002

Well, probably the most cost effective way to get around it and not cause
more pages to be printed in the Black Star is use the 3 pages on your main
event.  Use a series of small Notes and Challenges ( $5 - $10 worth)
referring people to see the ads for such and such event on Ansteorra
announce.  Printing and postage cost is reduced and the Black Star still get
some money while small groups don't pay a relative fortune for publicity.

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> Sorry for taking so long to get back to this.
> The advice of accounting for it in the budget is a good one, but for
> group's events it has the effect of inflating the site fee even larger.
> say that the event is probably going to have an attendance of 50 to 75.
> Budgeting for the $100 will raise the site fee by 1.33 to 2.00.  This can
> significant.  The question becomes "how does this policy (3 pages for 1
> and pay for all the rest) affect the smaller groups?"
> If groups were allowed to use the 3 pages as needed (say 2 for 1 event and
> for another), then the amount figured into the budget goes down.  It's
> good business practice to pass costs along to the consumer, but you've got
> ask at what point is the consumer unwilling to foot that bill.  At that
> you've got to figure out how to cut costs.  Allowing the pages to be used
> needed is one way to cut those costs.  They are getting 3 pages anyway,
> does it matter whether they use 1 in May, 1 in June (for one event) and
use the
> third in November and pay $50 for the December ad for their Yule event?
> Many will say "It's just $1.00 more for site.  That's just a 20 oz Coke at
> convenience store.  It's not that much of a burden."  That reasoning is
> for everything from raising membership costs, property taxes, gas prices,
> If you sit down and think about all the "for the price of a Coke"'s that
> footing, you're probably paying for a couple of six packs every day or
> Personally, I see no reason why groups should be limited to using the free
> pages to a single event.  The only reason I've heard is that the extra
> paperwork would be a burden but no details were given for why it was
> that.
> Ansgar von Aachen
> Quoting clarissa <clarissa at supportyou.com>:
> > Folks,
> >
> > all groups need to do to cover the cost of the ad in the Blackstar is
> > take that into account when the group is doing the budget for the
> > event.
> > Two 1 page ads for an event are $100 (if you get it on time). If your
> > event is going to get 100 people, that is $1 more per person it adds
> > to
> > the entrance fee of the event. If its a 200 person event, it adds 50
> > cents to the entrance fee of the event. The ads, while costing groups
> > up
> > front money, will be paid for by the event. Yes, it costs all of us a
> > little bit more but the Kingdom cannot have the Blackstar loosing
> > money
> > every issue.
> >
> > Clarissa di Firenze
> > clarissa at supportyou.com

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