[Ansteorra] When did this change????

Elisabeth B. Zakes ezakes at austin.rr.com
Thu Aug 8 14:51:23 PDT 2002

Unfortunately, not everyone has a computer, and not everyone who has a
computer subscribes to Ansteorra-Announce. I would prefer that the Black
Star be the official method of announcement to the populace. That being so,
I would prefer that all groups be allowed three pages per year, to be used
as they see fit.

One of the difficulties smaller events and groups have is publicity. I've
seen events that were very under-attended because any announcements about
them were through the Web calendar on ansteorra-org, consisting of a link to
the group's Web page. If one didn't know to look at the calendar and follow
the link, one wouldn't know about the event at all.

Notes & Challenges can be a good teaser and information forum for several
months before the event, with a single-page (or possibly two) event
announcement appearing at least two weeks before the event. This can be
supplemented by computer-based information, but the Black Star page should
contain all essential information. Used wisely, three free pages during the
year can be a great communications tool.

Aethelyan Moondragon
Bryn Gwlad

Well, probably the most cost effective way to get around it and not cause
more pages to be printed in the Black Star is use the 3 pages on your main
event.  Use a series of small Notes and Challenges ( $5 - $10 worth)
referring people to see the ads for such and such event on Ansteorra
announce.  Printing and postage cost is reduced and the Black Star still get
some money while small groups don't pay a relative fortune for publicity.


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