[Ansteorra] Calligrapher's Job Opportunity

Jocelyn Hinkle scribe_ari at lycos.com
Thu Aug 8 21:37:58 PDT 2002

Christie Ward wrote:
>> > Calligrapher - The Supreme Court of Texas
>>Just out of curiousity (because lord knows my
>>calligraphy skills are nonexistant), what does the job
>Dunno.  That's what was in the paper.  They're asking for bids, so I'd guess
>low bidder will get it.  You'd have to ask the really good calligraphers how
>much they would charge to get an idea ofthe income potential.

Last time I checked....

Journeyman calligraphers can ask $10.50 a coulmn inch.
Master callicraphers can ask $15+ a coulmn inch.

It really depends on what you think your work is worth based on what they are willing to pay, and how much you value your hands. Scribal arts require a different set of muscles and motor skills than regular writing. I can typically only do Calligraphy for about an hour before I have to stop and rest my hands for about 2 hours. Arthritis sucks.

However, I would encourage anyone who wants to learn the scribal arts to do so. Calligraphy is actually very easy to learn, if you can hold a pen and write you can do calligraphy.

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