[Ansteorra] Artisan Pas d'Armes

sp sharon at polkawitch.com
Wed Aug 21 11:36:42 PDT 2002

Is documentation still a requirement?

> Good gentles,
> Please remember that all who wish to enter the Pas d'Armes must provide
> their heraldry - both in display and in vocal format. For those who do not
> pay their own heralds, bring plenty of bribes! It is a well documented
> that heralds do not come cheaply!
> Fighters, when you come to register for the list, please present your
> heraldic display so it may be labeled for safe return to you.
> For those interested in coming to the aid of those fighters, please be
> you post a reply to this email so those fighters in need can contact you
> negotiate a suitable fee for your vocal services.
> The best of luck to the fighters and heralds alike - we look forward to a
> brilliant display of chivalry at its finest. Any questions should be
> directed to me prior to Friday.
> I remain in humble service,
> Elysia Katherine O'Malley
> Herald-in-Charge, Artisan
> Barony of the Steppes.
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