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Greetings from Duchess Willow de Wisp
I agree with this definition with one exception. People working on an
event might not have time to go to local events. I know when I do an
event I work all my free time on the event and can't afford to go to
fighter practice or business meetings. It seems unfair to classify
someone as sort of inactive when they are spending all their time on the
SCA. Also events are the products of a group and it is important to make
them work. The Dancer that spends four weeks on a routine or the bard
that is writing a piece to perform or the artist that is spending all her
time on the fighters outfit for the Pas de Arm is still active in the SCA
even if they are not coming to Business meetings.

> Active - is there at almost all of the fighter practices and local
> events,
> Periodically active - shows up once a month,
> Event active only - self explanatory,
> Non-active - doesn't play at all.

> >Do you think attitude and behavior should count toward or against
> >an award?
NO, I don't care why someone does the work. If they do the work they
deserve the reward. Everybody works for some reason. The people who do it
for the social interaction or warm fuzzes are still working for
something. Prestige and Power people have a  right to get rewarded if
they behave nicely and make things happen. When you look at organizations
from the view of a sociologist, which I am, you will see that Power and
Prestige are the carrots that motivative a lot of people. Most
organizations would stop without these people. We can expect more work
out of them. We can try to get the most bangs for our bucks. But we
should reward them.

> >and how long had you been playing and at what activity
> level...before
> >you got your AoA...(if you have one yet)
I believe that an AoA should be given after one year of active
interaction with the SCA. You should have a name and be working on your
arms. You should be wearing proper SCA clothes. That means no blue jeans
with a tunic thrown over it. You should know the courtesies and use them.
NO, calling nobles by their first names. You should treat everyone with
courtesy. Know how to bow. Try to cover up your mundanities, No drinking
form a coke can. You should be giving of yourself to make your local
groups activities better. This could be working Troll, cooking or serving
a feast, performing, creating art for the sites, making clothes for
newcomers etc., etc., etc,. The AoA is a first step. It is a very
important step but it is a beginning step.

Duchess Willow de Wisp

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