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Greetings Your Excellency Lorraine

I would disagree with you a little. The positions of peer and noble are
ranks within a community. How the community views those positions is what
gives those ranks value. Peerage and nobility are not just honors they
are jobs. How well we do our jobs often affects how well the SCA is run.
How well we do our job is decided by the people. Therefore individuals do
judge us. We may argue that their judgement is incorrect. That is if we
know the results of the judgement. Most of the time we never know what is
wrong we just get a general feeling of disapproval. This is a very
powerful force and I have known many a peer and noble who have left the
SCA because they could not face the disapproval of the populace. Whether
this is proper or right is not an issue. It is a  truth that the people
expect us to do our job, whatever that is, and they judge us and we have
to deal with it.

Duchess Willow de Wisp

> I do not fulfill their expectations of what a Peer should be
> and though I take it into consideration...the ultimate determiner
> of how I should behave as a Peer and a Baronness is me...
> If I tried to live up to everyone else's expectation...I wouldn't
> be myself...and would be a very confused and ineffective person...
> and very miserable...and wishywashy...UGH!
> Lorraine DeerSlayer
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