[Ansteorra] Awards, peers, and stuff

Tump Laird tlaird at satx.rr.com
Mon Aug 26 16:19:39 PDT 2002

October will mark the completion of my second year in the SCA.  I received
my AOA on my one year anniversary, and received The Sable Crane this month.
I did not expect it at all.  I did not even know what it was until after
court when it was explained to me.  I was honored to receive it.  There are
many that do/did as much or more than I have. I shared court with a person
that received their AOA, after 14 years of playing.  Everyone assumed this
person already had one. I would encourage all to check their roles,  and see
what people have.  You don't have to be an officer.  Ask the people you
notice.  See if they have been missed, and be vocal (approximately of
course) to your officers, Barons, and Baronesses.  They will listen. They
can't be everywhere and see everything. And when you receive an award, look
around to the people that got you there, and make sure they get noticed.

On the subject of what to expect from Peers, I won't comment on the people
involved in the last tread, and this is not a criticism of any who have
posted.  I can say that from personal experience, I have been very critical
of several Peers one in particular, until I learned what that person did to
receive the award.  If I give details someone will figure out who it is.
Let me just say that the amount of work and sacrifice done by this person a
few years ago would surpass a lifetime of work weekends for any barony. As
stated earlier, give credit for the past work that has been done.  That past
work is the reason people receive awards and peerage.  It does not mean one
can sit on their "laurels" so to speak, but people need break now and then.
And as I have learned, before criticizing, check and see that the
contributions made by ones self do not pale in comparison to the one that is
about to be criticized.


Lord Gorm the Fat

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