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Mon Aug 26 16:31:55 PDT 2002

Lord Gorm the Fat commented:
> I would encourage all to check their roles,  and see
> what people have.  You don't have to be an officer.  Ask the
> people you
> notice.  See if they have been missed, and be vocal (approximately of
> course) to your officers, Barons, and Baronesses.  They will
> listen. They
> can't be everywhere and see everything. And when you receive
> an award, look
> around to the people that got you there, and make sure they
> get noticed.

Yes, anyone can write award recommendation letters.

Don't have any idea of what to write or how to phrase it?
Well, check these files in the SCA-INC section of the
Florilegium for some useful information on this:
Award-Rec-Let-art (10K) 11/16/00    "Writing Effective Award Recommend. Letters"
                                       by Countess Berengaria de Montfort.
award-rec-let-msg (11K) 11/ 2/00    Writing award recommendation letters.

THL Stefan li Rous
stefan at florilegium.org

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