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Rhodes-walden, Jennifer Jennifer.Rhodes-walden at usa.xerox.com
Mon Aug 26 16:47:14 PDT 2002

>Let me just say that the amount of work and sacrifice done by this person a
few years ago would surpass a lifetime of work weekends for any barony. As
stated earlier, give credit for the past work that has been done.  That past
work is the reason people receive awards and peerage.  It does not mean one
can sit on their "laurels" so to speak, but people need break now and then.
And as I have learned, before criticizing, check and see that the
contributions made by ones self do not pale in comparison to the one that is
about to be criticized.


Lord Gorm the Fat

Well said, m'lord.

I've been playing in the SCA for nine months now, and been privileged to
meet Royal Peers, Peers and Nobles alike. And perhaps it is a particular
curse of mine to try and see things from both perspectives, but... my two
cents' worth is this - and please, correct me if I am wrong, misled or
confused - I don't learn if I don't know.

If the Peers, Knights, and Masters/Mistresses did all the work, how would
any of us know what is required for running a local group, or an event, or
even a guild? If we newcomers cannot delve into the 'dark side' of
events/groups/arts and sciences, we can't properly appreciate all that those
great people coming before us have done! This isn't to say that these good
gentles sit on their 'laurels' or hats... but perhaps it's more than being
tired. Maybe they're watching to see which of us could become the next Peer,
Knight, Laurel or Pelican. And maybe I'm just talking blindly.

I don't work events or within my barony to gain an award - I don't have an
AoA, nor am I looking for one. Granted, it would be nice to be recognized in
court for the hard work done, but I'm satisfied with a simple "Thank you,"
or to know that I helped to make an event just that much more enjoyable for
someone. But that's not to say I (or anyone else who helps) don't aspire to
become a Peer.

We can't even begin to hope to become a Peer if we don't have the
opportunity to get our hands dirty, to learn and work alongside (or before)
those whom we aspire to join. If the Peers do everything, then we miss out.
We don't gain those opportunities that allow us to contribute to the
well-being of Barony or event. And then, if they're doing everything, they
miss out on some of the enjoyment of any event or baronial gathering. Hardly
fair, is it?

That being said... while I'm not excusing the Peers from continuing to
contribute either, there may be more than the obvious reasons for slowing
down that wasn't pointed out. Isn't fostering a future Peer an important
contribution, when it is the Peers, Knights, Laurels and Pelicans who have
made,and continue to make our Kingdom what it is?

Hoping I've made some sense here,

Elysia Katherine O'Malley

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