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Yes my original intent was more along a praise for our children.  The fact
remains; however, that it's still a true statement, requardless of what ever
little twists you want to put to it.

I absolutely refuse to believe that rank is an excuse for getting out of
helping in your home group.  The infrastructure of equipment required to put
on events just doesn't maintain itself.  Someone, who also has a life, has
to take care of it.

The older we get, the more physical problems we all have.  We all have jobs.
We all have mundanely to contend with.  We all have interests.  We all do
things.  I'm sure most of us would rather be at events or something other
than work parties.  We all can do something to help.

A great man, who I will miss, once said, "Many hands make light work."
Everyone can do something to help.  That little bit that you did was just
that much someone else didn't have to do.

Someone mentioned our Court Baroness.  I'm sure most of you know her.  An
absolutely GREAT lady.  She rarely misses a work party.  She comes, does
what she can.  When she has done what she can, she leaves.  She always wants
to do more, but that's just the way it is.

Lead by example.  The BEST example I've seen in a long time was at
Coronation.  Duke Richard helped serve feast.  Imagine that.  A Duke, put on
a serving tabard and carried food to the populace.  It brings tears to my
eyes even now.

Baiting??  No.  I do expect more.  He wasn't up to that standard that I've
seen set by other Peers and Barons of Ansteorra.

No apologies.  I called it like I saw it. If I'm in the minority, I've been
there before.


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> > I suggest to the peers and nobles of the realm that they don't rise to
> > Gilli's bait.
> > Pendaran (one of those peers whose a noble)
>  What is that rumbling I hear...it must the End Of Times....I happen to
> agree with Pendaran!
> Here are a couple of observations on the subject (from someone who's *not*
> Peer, *or* a Noble...)
> 1: I think Gilli *originally* intended the comparison not so much as a
> slander to the Peers, but as a praising of the children (at least, I hope
> so.)
> 2: Sir Samuel...with all due respect, Sir... *I* think you over-reacted
> (rather egregiously)...and backed Gilli into a corner. Be careful what you
> ask for... a private reply might have been a bit more politic.
> 3: Yes, Peerage and Nobility are (or should be) both awards *and* job
> descriptions...but we all get tired. Gilli, everyone has a right to their
> own life. Because someone was awarded our highest honors, *doesn't* mean
> that the SCA owns them.
> 4: Can't we all just get along?
> 5: Alden talks too much.
> (just to make Pendaran happy...)
> In Service, I remain
> Alden Pharamond
> Tempio, Ansteorra
> (hoping the SNR drops to a reasonable level soon...)
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