[Ansteorra] Unto "Gilli"

Ldyinnes at aol.com Ldyinnes at aol.com
Tue Aug 27 04:29:32 PDT 2002

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To preface this,   You have said nothing slanderous in any of your posts,  if
the lady briana (sp) has taken offense.

There is an old saying,     "If the shoe fits, wear it"... I might suggest
that this one was maybe a bit to tight."

Yes, it is a volunteer organization,  how ever we use the word phrase,  work
party, because after the work is done then we socialize and have fun.  . No
one should have to be invited to help at a work day, when they are playing
with a group,  When the call goes out for Help at a work day, party, whatever
you want to call it.  that is a general invitation.

As far as her post being supposedly private,  well it came over the whole
Ansteorra List.


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