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> yes, but also, it is nice to be led to do things,  ie: by example, just
> because someone is a knight or a laural or a crown,  then they need to be
> more aware that there are some people who were born to lead, and the vast
> majority were born to follow.   What I am saying, is to be a responsible,
> leading peer,  Set a good example, just because you have a coronet on your
> head, doesnt necessarily exempt you from some work.  Sorry if I used a Dirty
> word there,

Few Peers got to be Peers by avoiding work...

sometimes you don't see what we do because we are busy supporting those
who need to learn to lead, and if we don't remain in the background
the person who deserves the credit often doesn't get it!

> The best example I can name is Baron Arthur of the Fen, and Duke Seamus of
> the Cats.  when we had work days  these two gentlemen were the first to
> arrive and the last to leave.

I wish they were still around...

> innes

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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