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Don't get me wrong, Your Grace; if someone has a legitimate complaint with
the peers and/or nobles. I'm happy to talk to them. If, however, they just
want to publicly grind a private ax, I'm not terribly interested in hearing
it. I am of the opinion that Gilli was not trying to solve an issue by
reaching out to the peerage with a complaint. Rather, I believe that he was
going after some of the peers who live in Middleford and doing it in a
public forum. That is strictly my opinion.

For the record, this I know for certain: I know three peers who live in
Middleford: Mistress Honor, Sir Guy (who is soon leaving the country), and
Sir John. All of these people are of the finest character and they all
represent the SCA in the finest manner.


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Pendaran, I think we need to talk about this. Gilli isn't the only person
out there that is having problems with the peers and nobles. Most of the
people that say they are having a problem or act unhappy but won't say
why or with who. I find Gilli approach refreshing. I am serious. I want
to know how much we are suppose to be doing. I also want people to know
we do stuff on our own time so they won't spill over to the events and
take up the people's time.

For example, one of the duties of peer or noble is to be a official route
for complaints. We are supposed to speak for the people when there are
problem. Some artisans bought up the fact that they were not happy with
the way arts and crafts are being handled in the kingdom. I have been
spending my time trying to find out what was really going on.  This is
what I have come up with. Please send me comments on whether you think it
is on the button or not.

The total arts and crafts and science community seem to be split. Some of
them are very interested in becoming Laurels and winning arts and science
contest. Most of them like the artisans contest and would like more
contest. They are the group that have been pushing to have overall
winners for everything. They find the Ansteorrian A&S with it's
certificates of merit to be dull. These people are not bothered by doing
documentation except for the fact they want people to read it. On the
other hand there are the artisans that are not concerned with winning
contest or becoming Laurels. Their primary interest is in their art and
learning more and having fun and getting feed back and reinforcement.
They love having people look at their work but they want to do their arts
not write. They miss the old time when they got to chat with more
advanced artisans. The whole problem is budgeting time and creating the
right venue for displaying artistic works.

Duchess Willow de Wisp
> I suggest to the peers and nobles of the realm that they don't rise
> to
> Gilli's bait.
> Pendaran (one of those peers whose a noble)
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> > It's only slanderous if it's not true.  I do not lie.  I expect
> more from
> > some one who is a peer and a Baron of Ansteorra.
> >
> > Gilli
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