[Ansteorra] Peers activity

Ldyinnes at aol.com Ldyinnes at aol.com
Mon Aug 26 22:16:17 PDT 2002

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I also wish that Baron Arthur, and Duke Seamus were still around.  They are
sorely missed.  I had the priviledge to join the SCA when Arthur was Baron,of

 I also had the priviledge to serve on the baronial gaurd as a yoeman when he
sadly stepped down.  In fact I had the honor of escorting him into court when
he stepped down. and I guarantee there was not a dry eye in the guard during
that time.

It was pointed out to me privately that I mentioned only men.  Pyro and now
Baroness Dana worked at work days.  I did not mention them on my original
post, because Pyro is not a peer or a noble, even tho she is a noble lady.
and at the time of which I was speaking Dana was not a Baroness.  nor did I
mention myself, who during clean up and prep for the Ennis site,  I trimmed
limbs off trees to help build the bridges, with an axe, not a power saw.



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