[Ansteorra] list politeness

Nancy Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 27 08:07:54 PDT 2002

Hey guys:

Pug is currently out of the country and since I act as his back-up for list
administration for some of his lists.  I don't know if he does that for
this list or not.  Since I don't want to step on toes I'd like to "suggest"
some behavior modifications.

Please edit.  Don't hit reply and not clean extra verbage.  One message had
four replies stacked onto it and it tends to get very wordy.  Please change
the headers so you know what you are replying to.

Also.... please keep private e-mail private.  Take a little time and don't
hit the reply to list button without thinking.

If  I  have to I can go in and unsubscribe people.

Thank you

Clare RosMuire St. John
part list administrator

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