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Excellent questions one and all! Also...

I have done a lot of work mundanely with volunteers. My last profession found me to often be the only paid person in a crew of up to 20 people. What about suiting one's contributions to their aptitudes? For instance, in the world of set construction, I often had children very willing to help, but one would not set a 9 year old to work with a power saw. (So I'd often hand them paint and a brush knowing full well it would create more work for me in the long run, but they could feel like they've contributed.) Many volunteers were far from lacking in enthusiasm but just not fit for the job at hand (for one reason or another.)

This leads to a very poignant question: What constitutes an "appropriate contribution"? Like mentioned previously, does it matter where, specifically, you do what you can? But also, there is so much to the SCA, are there not a plethora of methods one can make their contribution? And are they not all equal? And to use an old phrase, is it not the thought that counts?

- Brianna

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Pendaran's question:

What about someone who lives in an area and doesn't play locally, but does
work and play on a kingdom level? How about on a society level? Are those
who hold kingdom, inter-kingdom and society positions but don't play on a
local level just passing through? Are they tourists?


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