[Ansteorra] Steppes Artisan Feast

Patrick Cuccurello pat at adtelusa.com
Tue Aug 27 12:09:13 PDT 2002

Greetings unto the noble populous of Ansteorra,

   Steppes Artisan has come and gone as a whirling dervish across a market
square.  It was a riot of exceptional talent and diversity--easily
surpassing anything I have seen before.  My congratulations to all who
showed their talents during the event.  All of you are the true winners as
the light of your talents inspired even the most jaded amongst us.  My only
regret was my inability to spend any time whatsoever with any of you.  I
knew that if I did anything more that a quick run through I would be
diverted into spending hours talking to you about all your wonderful things.
That in itself would not be bad, but my kitchen crew would have dragged me
kicking and screaming back into the kitchen and beat me with sharp pointy
little sticks  <<grin>>.

  I would like to thank the following wonderful gentles for help they
provided in the feast Saturday night.  Unfortunately the Head Cook always
seems to get the lions share of the thanks, but it is people like these that
make the Head Cook's job a pleasure.  If you enjoyed feast and have an
opportunity to speak to any of these gentles, please express your
appreciation to them.  It can be a long and tiring job far from the

Lady Liadan Bregh--Great roller of Moo Shu and bain of Green Onions
everywhere.  I simply could not have made the feast happen without your help
and organization in the kitchen.

Lord Iames Lochlainn--Keeper of the Holy Bottles of St. Shiner and Herald
unto the Kitchen of Doom.  Thank you for keeping us properly informed and
well lubricated.

M'Lady Candace of the Steppes--Handler of the crepe, Wielder of the Serving
Spoon, Controller of the Aluminum Foil, Rescuer of the Chocolate Cake.
Thank you for all your help.  The tears you shed for the poor onions as they
were sliced to ribbans speaks of your gentleness <<grin>>.

Lord Seamus o'Dubdah--Stoker of the Grill, Keeper of the Fire, Searer of the
Beef.  Thank you so much for standing in 90 degree plus weather in front of
a hot grill cooking the Mongolian Beef.  I owe you a couple of cool
beverages of varying alcoholic content my friend.

Lord Guy-Jen--Keeper of the Tongs, Ravager of the Coals.  Thank you for
jumping in and helping Seamus with the grill.  Without your help, he could
have singed every hair on his head!  <<grin>>

M'Lord Adrian Lochlainn, M'Lord Andre Sansovino, M'Lord Dante
Sansovino--Official Tasters of the Tid-bits and Clean-up Crew.  Thank you
for allowing me to get you into hot water.  Don't tell your mothers  :)

HL Julianna Vertue--My Dear Indentured Servant :)  Thank you for all the
research on the Middle Eastern foods.  Your documentation allowed me to
focus on planning the feast instead of researching a cuisine I was not
familiar with.  By the way, my boots still need polishing  <<ducking>>

Their Excellencies Steppes, Viscountess Kate--Thank you for the honor of
providing feast for your populous.  It was a pleasure to serve you and your
wonderful Barony.

and finally....

Mistress Ronna--My dear wife.  Thank you for all the help in the kitchen
acting as scullery maid and herder of cats.  It still amazes me how you
manage to put up with me when I volunteer to do these things.  You are my

To the Populous of Ansteorra and the Barony of the Steppes, thank you for
attending and enjoying the meager offering that I placed before you.  I hope
the health insurance covers all the emergency room visits, and I have found
case prices on Pepto Bismol for those interested.

I remain, in service to the Crown of Ansteorra and Their Excellencies
Steppes.  May your stallions be swift, but your mares swifter.  May you
always find water for your herds, and may your enemies wail at the sound of
your hoof beats.

Ride Well,
Khan Sar-a Modun, known in these Western Lands as

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