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Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 19:41:23 PDT 2002

> from AoA to PoA for me was 12 years...for Kief it
> was about the same...for Modious it was 8
Actually, it was about 4 for Modius. You're counting
from his Pel - he has a Laurel, too. :)

I think Pug and Modius are extraordinary examples, but
I also think Pug is right - 2 to 3 years after an AoA
for a Thistle, Crane, or Comet seems excessive to me.
I think AoA level awards should be spaced about a year
apart. There are exceptions, of course, but a year
seems to be a pretty good rule of thumb.

> Anybody care to do the break down from the OP? If
> anybody does the stats...I'd love to see them!
If I had to guess? My theory is that people get awards
faster than they used to. I'll leave the exhaustive
number-crunching of the OP to folks more anal than
myself, though. ;)


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