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 maddie teller-kook wrote:

I got my laurel 6 1/2 years after I had my AOA. But to be fair, I had played
in another kingdom for 3 yrs (then took off time for school). I had not
received any awards in the first kingdom. I received all my awards here in
Ansteorra. I have seen some people become a peer in less time than that.
It would be interesting to see in the OP what the time span is from AOA to
POA in Ansteorra.


I'd like to see the breakdown for each of the Peerages...the average of Pelican (which was what I was thinking of instead of PoA...duh) is probably greater that Laurel...many of the Knights of late have been at the 10 - 14 year mark...so their average may be closser to the Pel average than the Laurel one...

Inquiring mind...

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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