[Ansteorra] Query...

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Tue Aug 27 20:59:41 PDT 2002

Let me see.  Their SCA lives don't involve the local folks.  They don't
participate with the local folks.  Doesn't much sound like a resident other
than for population count.  Or was that a rhetorical question?


> Gilli said:
> "Here's my opinion.  If you live some place, you help out there as best
> can.  Otherwise you're just passing through, a tourist."
> Pendaran's question:
> What about someone who lives in an area and doesn't play locally, but does
> work and play on a kingdom level? How about on a society level? Are those
> who hold kingdom, inter-kingdom and society positions but don't play on a
> local level just passing through? Are they tourists?
> Pendaran

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