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Lorraine said:

"I believe you are an anomoly in this kingdom...

from AoA to PoA for me was 12 years...for Kief it was about the same...for
Modious it was 8 I
believe, Adelicia 10, Athelian 12....You are probably the quickest from AoA
to PoA in the Kingdom
(barring imports)"

Pendaran: Not so about being the quickest from AoA to PoA. I went from AoA
to PoA (knighthood) in two years. I was in the SCA three years total when I
got knighted. The same for Ariella when she was made a laurel. Ricardo di
Pisa and Michael of Monmouthshire were in the SCA less than three years when
they were knighted , as I believe was HRM Patrick.

The thing is, its different for everyone and there are many variables that
go into it. It depends on how much you're doing, how much you travel, who
your friends are, where you live and even your personality type. Let's face
it, if you're larger than life (like Ricardo was), you're going to get
noticed a lot faster than someone who is quiet and doesn't put themselves in
the spot light (like me.... just kidding). Seriously, Kein used to be very
quiet. It took him less than a year to get knighted (about five total to
reach knighthood), once Kein came out of his shell. It also helps if you're
in a "high traffic" group like Star Gate, Steppes or Bryn Gwlad, rather than
a small, out of the way group where its harder to get kingdom recognition.

By in large, I think that people tend to get recognized when they're due.
Some people get things early, some get over due. A few don't ever get the
recognition that they deserve and that's very sad. Still, (IMHO) I think
that most people get stuff more or less on time.


Anybody care to do the break down from the OP? If anybody does the
stats...I'd love to see them!

> Now that being said, *I* can't possibly measure my 'activity' years. I
> don't know if anyone else could.

that's why I put them in hours...2 per week...in one year even being
inactive for me I could do 5 years worth of contact/service...I know people
in upperlevel
admin type positions like the Society Chronicler, and the Pelican Queen of
usually do at least that if not double.

> Ciao,
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