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--- Carl Chipman <cchipman at nomadics.com> wrote:
> Well, I don't have all of the peerages (being a bit, um, focused) but I
> do have the Order of the Chivalry.  All kinds of neat details contained
> therein.  You kinda have to throw out some of the data from the early
> seventies as the negative numbers (people who got their peerages and
> THEN their AoA's) mess with Excel's statistical tools.
> The mean time between AoA and Chivalry:
> 70's: 1.15 yrs
> 80's: 2.97 yrs
> 90's: 6.87 yrs
> 00's: 8.58 yrs


> This is from the current OP as of July, up through Sir Randall.  Knights
> excepted from these lists were either done so because of negative time
> or because I couldn't find an AoA record for them.  I'm sure that they
> have one, but it might be under a different name (Sir Asoph's AoA used
> to be under Sean Lindsey):

> N/A		6/26/1977		Simonn of Amber Isle	#VALUE!

Got his AoA within the last year! (During D&L)

> N/A		5/28/1989	Patrick Michael Gordonne	#VALUE!

I remember seeing in a past OP that he had an AoA when he was in
StarGate before he became Crown the first time...

> Centurion Jean Paul de Sens

Thanks darlin'

Lorraine DeerSlayer\]

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