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I believe His Majesty was knighted BEFORE receiving an award of arms.  He
was knighted in 1989, and received a Crane in 1991.

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> "I believe you are an anomoly in this kingdom...
> from AoA to PoA for me was 12 years...for Kief it was about the same...for
> Modious it was 8 I
> believe, Adelicia 10, Athelian 12....You are probably the quickest from
> to PoA in the Kingdom
> (barring imports)"
> Pendaran: Not so about being the quickest from AoA to PoA. I went from AoA
> to PoA (knighthood) in two years. I was in the SCA three years total when
> got knighted. The same for Ariella when she was made a laurel. Ricardo di
> Pisa and Michael of Monmouthshire were in the SCA less than three years
> they were knighted , as I believe was HRM Patrick.
> The thing is, its different for everyone and there are many variables that
> go into it. It depends on how much you're doing, how much you travel, who
> your friends are, where you live and even your personality type. Let's
> it, if you're larger than life (like Ricardo was), you're going to get
> noticed a lot faster than someone who is quiet and doesn't put themselves
> the spot light (like me.... just kidding). Seriously, Kein used to be very
> quiet. It took him less than a year to get knighted (about five total to
> reach knighthood), once Kein came out of his shell. It also helps if
> in a "high traffic" group like Star Gate, Steppes or Bryn Gwlad, rather
> a small, out of the way group where its harder to get kingdom recognition.
> By in large, I think that people tend to get recognized when they're due.
> Some people get things early, some get over due. A few don't ever get the
> recognition that they deserve and that's very sad. Still, (IMHO) I think
> that most people get stuff more or less on time.
> Pendaran
> Anybody care to do the break down from the OP? If anybody does the
> stats...I'd love to see them!
> >
> > Now that being said, *I* can't possibly measure my 'activity' years. I
> > don't know if anyone else could.
> that's why I put them in hours...2 per week...in one year even being
> relatively
> inactive for me I could do 5 years worth of contact/service...I know
> in upperlevel
> admin type positions like the Society Chronicler, and the Pelican Queen of
> Arms
> usually do at least that if not double.
> >
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